‘Irrationally Exuberant’ Safe Choices

The following extract is taken from a section titled 'Communication In An Age Of Catastrophe' within Jean-Pierre Dupuy's 2012 book Economy and the Future: A Crisis of Faith. Dupuy's work speaks from an edge that is rarely visible today: that between Science and Politics. His work remains ever concerned with industrial and technological catastrophes such… Continue reading ‘Irrationally Exuberant’ Safe Choices


Thinking Systemic Violence

The following extract reproduces in full the sub-section titled 'Violence: Subjective and Objective' from the first Chapter of Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek's 2008 book 'Violence: Six Sideways Reflections'. Included as a reflective post script to the Žižek extract is a short text ('The Difficulty in Recognizing Violence') by the Playwright Bertolt Brecht, taken from writings… Continue reading Thinking Systemic Violence

“… for a living philosophy which [has] no final answers”

Two philosophers Slavoj Žižek, and Lewis R. Gordon write about one favourite thinker each who came to philosophy indirectly. For Žižek this is French Psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan; for Gordon, British American Philosopher of Science Peter Caws. What emerges from the unconventional juxtaposition of Gordon and Žižek's reflections on their favourite Philosophers' metaphilosophical attitudes is nothing… Continue reading “… for a living philosophy which [has] no final answers”

My Dearest Friend

Subject: A Sincere Apology + Towards An Immediate Definition of 'Radical Empathy' Today morning I opened my email to find that you were furious with me (with good reason). You had written: On Your Blog Post - ‘A Special Purpose’: The Foot soldiers of the Right Wing “People are cruel because they like to be.… Continue reading My Dearest Friend

Inverting #popunation – Deploying the Concept of ‘Real’ Population

We Indians love to say 'India is like that only'. #popunation is a common cynical response to many systemic problems India faces. In this short extract from a longer essay entitled 'The Ideology of Overpopulation', Economist Utsa Patnaik masterfully exposes how ridiculously misguided the use of this hashtag is, and in so doing, allows us… Continue reading Inverting #popunation – Deploying the Concept of ‘Real’ Population

Why Read Fanon?

In 2015, American Philosopher Lewis Gordon published his important book ('What Fanon Said: A Philosophical Introduction to His Life and Thought') on that underappreciated giant of 20th century thought, the revolutionary Martinique-born Psychiatrist-Philosopher Frantz Omar Fanon. In the following excerpt from the 'Foreword' to the book, Sociologist Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun reflects on the extraordinary significance of Fanon's… Continue reading Why Read Fanon?

‘A Special Purpose’: The Footsoldiers of the Right Wing

As millions of struggling Indians thirst for the real change in fortunes that they have been promised by one government after another since 1991 (India's official year of economic liberalization) one political party, the Bharatiya Janata Party – literally the Indian People's Party – has seen its electoral fortunes steadily improve. This has happened in… Continue reading ‘A Special Purpose’: The Footsoldiers of the Right Wing